My name is Caroline, and great to meet you

Do you feel like you’re ‘stuck’ forever? Despairing of ever finding fulfilment? Life is controlling you rather than you being in command? You’re on a soul-destroying treadmill with no prospect of getting off it EVER?

I have been there: I know exactly what it’s like

We’re all on a journey. Here’s a summary of my journey so far…

It must just be my nature, but I’ve always cared about others, and wanted to make a positive difference in people’s lives. As a successful international transformative Life Coach, I’ve made a career of it! A wonderfully enriching career communicating with and listening to people from diverse backgrounds: from stay-at-home single mothers to corporate career high-fliers…

I wasn’t always a professional Life Coach; though it seems that I was travelling down a road towards eventually becoming one… In the end, I didn’t ‘want’ to be a Life Coach, I HAD to be one – it’s the best job in the world!

The stepping stones towards Start New Chapter …

Having been a successful therapist and hairdresser (I owned and managed a thriving hairdressing and hair replacement business), I spent years supporting clients, in a therapeutic relationship, from assorted backgrounds and situations. I already have 25 years of self-employment under my belt, in fact; and over that time, I’ve become highly experienced in working with people, in listening, creating a client rapport.

Before I describe my globetrotting days, I’d love to tell you about another kind of journey…


We are all on a journey, but some of us simply need a little help and support in getting to where we want to be, and importantly, in identifying where we want that journey to end.

I have personally experienced many of these challenges. I know there is a way forward from being stuck to unstuck, from feeling that so many doors and paths will remain eternally closed, only for them to miraculously open up once we’ve found clarity, once we’ve made a (truly exhilarating!) life-changing discovery: how to powerfully utilise the belief and passion inside all of us.

Is this YOU?

My heartfelt desire is to help men and woman who are experiencing challenging times, in the face of changes in their lives, such as, the aftermath of divorce, switching career, relocating, a sudden change of lifestyle… Having experienced seismic shifts in my own life, believe me, I know how stressful confronting seemingly insurmountable obstacles can feel.

I work to create transformative sustainable changes, in a safe and supporting space, through open and honest discussion with clients from all walks of life.

My only commitment is to your commitment to create the change you want to see happen in your life, and to live your fullest existence. I will be there to support and encourage you every step of the way.

World travel, experiencing other cultures

I have lived in Australia and have travelled to many different continents. I have learnt so much from different cultures, and, after benefitting from Life Coaching, realised that the World has so much to offer once we know inside ourselves where to look.

Hobbies, interests, (and mischievous mutts!)

I love the arts, warm weather, travelling, breath-taking scenery; and I ADORE my mini schnauzer Eddie who when naughty (which is rare) gets called Edward 😊
So, that’s me. A sort of snapshot, at least. But it’s not really about me, is it? It’s about YOU, and how Start New Chapter can begin helping you TODAY to




To start the process as soon as possible and to determine if working with me would be right for you, either

“Caroline at Start New is authentic, committed, and genuinely wants to make a difference in people’s lives. Unquestionably, her transformative coaching is extremely powerful. It gives greater understanding, allowing clients to make positive and new choices.”

Lee, Business Owner, Oxfordshire

“If you’re looking for a Life Coach to find clarity and positivity to move forward in life, I highly recommend Caroline at Start New Chapter.”

Sonia (Australia)

“I highly recommend Caroline at Start New Chapter to anyone who doesn’t want “fluff” and just needs help finding clarity and support on life challenges. DO IT. You won’t regret it.”

Dee (USA)

“Working with Caroline for the past couple of months has helped me regain control and make significant changes in my life.

During our sessions we discussed practical steps I was able to take in both business and personal areas. I saw progress quickly. I felt completely comfortable discussing personal details with Caroline as she created a safe environment for me to be entirely open.

My sessions were hugely beneficial, and I thank her for her time.”

Laura (UK)

“Caroline at Start New Chapter has an astonishing way of making me feel so comfortable in her sessions. I know I can trust her 100 per cent. She guides me to the root of my issues, and, together, we discover solutions that really work.”

Ottavia (Switzerland)

“When I first reached out to Caroline at Start New Chapter, my life was in turmoil. I truly believe that I wouldn’t have got to this point of clarity without Caroline’s support and expertise. She has an uncanny ability to guide you to your inner wisdom where answers gently bob up to the surface!”

Sharon (UK)