Caroline Green!
– an empathetic, worldly Life Coach with global reach.”

“I recently completed a six-week Life Coaching course with the lovely Caroline Green.

I work alone from home and have done for years without a problem, but the Pandemic and having to shield for six months took its toll. My focus, enthusiasm, passion and energy were at an all-time low and I was severely lacking in confidence.

Caroline helped me realise that this was just a blip; and we agreed it was accountability I needed and a little structure. Over the next few weeks of our weekly chats and subsequent tasks, I gradually regained my confidence and became accountable to myself. As a result, my focus is improving, and my energy and passion are on the right track.

If you’re thinking of Life Coaching, give Caroline a ring. You won’t be disappointed.”

Jojo (UK)

Within two sessions of working with Caroline I felt an internal change. She put the reins in my hands and enabled me to dig deep to find the real causes of my issues. She coached me to independently solve my own problems – something I found invaluable as I realised early on that I couldn’t rely on anyone for answers but myself.

Her caring, intuitive nature enabled me to find answers and coping mechanisms. Her analogies and key words are what has got me through; and I know I must keep exercising what I have learnt to remain consistent and on top.

I’m truly grateful for this experience.”

Louisa (UK)

“I came across Caroline’s coaching sessions at a point where I’d been feeling stuck and demotivated, in both my professional and personal life. As a single parent with three children under 10, I’d been using every excuse in the book to not move forward with the things I wanted to achieve, due to fear of change and stability, which resulted in increased frustration, low confidence and poor self-esteem.

Caroline examined these issues with me and challenged and encouraged me to explore in-depth how to make my life better. I can’t say it has been easy: I’ve had to delve into why I have these feelings of not being good enough (and therefore sabotage all goals I set myself).

As the sessions have progressed, Caroline’s coaching has helped me to recognise my negative behaviours, which had become my daily norm. The process has taught me to shift to a new way of thinking. Putting this into practice every day is proving SO positive for me, creating change, making my life better…

I’ve since had an interview and been accepted on an MSc program. My self-confidence has greatly increased, whilst the fear and anxiety have lessened significantly.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Caroline as a Life Coach. She is authentic, supportive, encouraging, and passionate about people putting the magic and mojo into their life. Her insights and feedback have really opened my eyes to creating a positive future with purpose in my life. WOW.”

Maria (UK)

“When I first reached out to Caroline, it’s accurate to say that my life was in turmoil – to the point where I was catatonic about moving forward in any direction! I wasn’t sure how coaching was going to help, if at all, but Caroline’s personable approach put me at ease, and her astute methods helped me to unravel emotional blocks and to channel my ‘scattergun’ thoughts towards creating a clear path forward.

I truly believe that I wouldn’t have got to this point of clarity without Caroline’s support and expertise. She has the uncanny ability to guide you to your inner wisdom, where answers gently bob up to the surface. Her enquiry techniques invite you to delve deep into sometimes uncomfortable territory, yet you constantly feel supported in your journey of self-discovery and self-mastery.

It has honestly been a revelation and a blessing that our paths crossed. I can’t recommend Caroline highly enough to anyone at a crossroads in life or feeling stuck. We all need a little (or a lot of!) help from time-to-time and Caroline will definitely be my go-to in the future!”

Sharon (UK)

“Working with Caroline for the past couple of months has helped me regain control and make significant changes in my life.

During our sessions we discussed practical steps I was able to take in both business and personal areas. I saw progress quickly. I felt completely comfortable discussing personal details with Caroline as she created a safe environment for me to be entirely open.

My sessions were hugely beneficial, and I thank her for her time.”

Laura (UK)

“Caroline has an amazing way of making me feel so comfortable in her sessions. I know I can trust her 100 per cent. She guides me to the root of my issues and helps me to discover solutions that really work.

I definitely recommend working with Caroline if you need someone who truly understands you and genuinely wants to help.”

Ottavia (Switzerland)

My coaching sessions with Caroline were like talking to a friend, but a really helpful and insightful one! She made me feel instantly at ease, allowing me to open up, to start to unpack some of my thoughts and feelings. Caroline is an expert listener and I really felt that she understood me and what I was feeling.

She never put me under pressure; and she rephrased questions to help me if I was struggling. I came away from each session with something to work on. This kept me in the right mindset to make positive change in my life. I really enjoyed my time

with Caroline and would highly recommend her to anyone. I’ve certainly come a long way since I first met her!”

Kay (UK)

“I wanted to share my experience from Life Coaching sessions with Caroline Green…

I was nervous at first about the whole coaching process: exposing personal challenges with a stranger! It typically takes me a while to open up to people; but I tried it anyway. Caroline made me feel SO relaxed within minutes; it all felt naturally safe; I was comfortable to dive in.

She is a gentle listener but also taps into the core of the matter. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly and non-invasively we cleared the fog on the challenges I was experiencing.

I highly recommend her to anyone who doesn’t want “fluff” and just needs help finding clarity and support on life challenges”.

Dee (USA)

“I have tried different forms of therapy in the past and wanted to try Life Coaching as I’ve heard a lot about it. I was surprised by how helpful my sessions were with Caroline.

She is warm and supportive yet simultaneously challenging. It was easy to connect with Caroline early on. I gained and learnt many insights about myself, which moved me from a negative emotional space to a positive and productive mindset.

I’ve already put into place so much that I’ve learnt; and I can truly say not only was this experience working with Caroline enlightening, but life- changing.

If you’re looking for a Life Coach to find clarity and positivity to move forward in life, I highly recommend Caroline.”

Sonia (Australia)

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