Envisage, if you can, the sense of overwhelming relief you’ll feel through finally finding answers to questions like these:

Personal Coaching:

  • “Should I get a divorce?”
  • “Is this really where I want to live?”
  • “Do I want to stay in this relationship?”
  • “Do I want the life I had before the Covid-19 pandemic?”
  • “Should I stay where I am, or retrain towards the career I really want?”
  • “I’ve been working here for far too long, but I’m afraid to move on to pastures new.”
  • “Covid-19 has brought unexpected changes to my life, and the lives of so many of my family and friends, causing fear, uncertainty, confusion, lack of motivation and a feeling of loss. How on earth am I supposed to know how to proceed from here?”

You CAN change your life, break free from the past, find or reclaim who you really are, become more positive and productive, and feel fabulously mentally refreshed through developing a whole new perspective. And I can help you to do all of those things, using proven tools and techniques and powerful insights.

A pioneering approach to Life Coaching that women simply LOVE

Start New Chapter is celebrated as being a transformative Life Coaching business online that adopts a ground-breaking approach: reconfigure your outlook, gain a new perspective, forge a powerful way of thinking that will open new doors, new opportunities, new pathways…

When booking a package, full payment is made in advance, please; however, unlike with some other coaches, if after the first full session you feel this is not for you, I will refund 80% of your outlay. Promise x

Empathy NOT sympathy. That’s what women want.

I listen in a supportive and empathetic way, while at the same time challenge and use questioning to enable clients to explore, figure out and gain more self-awareness (trust me, you’ll feel AMAZING once new patterns and options start to emerge!). In your sessions with me, we’ll work together, clearing out the mental clutter, cutting the noise inside your head, banishing voices of doubt…

Look forward to finding out who you really are by digging deep inside yourself, in response to key questions asked by a skilled Life Coach – one who knows exactly how it feels to be where you are right now… One experienced in helping new businesses and people everywhere find the answers they’ve been seeking for so long. But more than that…

Work with me

To start the process as soon as possible and to determine if working with me would be right for you, either

“If you’re looking for a Life Coach to find clarity and positivity to move forward in life, I highly recommend Caroline at Start New Chapter.”

Sonia (Australia)

“When I first reached out to Caroline at Start New Chapter, my life was in turmoil. I truly believe that I wouldn’t have got to this point of clarity without Caroline’s support and expertise. She has an uncanny ability to guide you to your inner wisdom where answers gently bob up to the surface!”

Sharon (UK)

“Working with Caroline for the past couple of months has helped me regain control and make significant changes in my life.

During our sessions we discussed practical steps I was able to take in both business and personal areas. I saw progress quickly. I felt completely comfortable discussing personal details with Caroline as she created a safe environment for me to be entirely open.

My sessions were hugely beneficial, and I thank her for her time.”

Laura (UK)

“I highly recommend Caroline at Start New Chapter to anyone who doesn’t want “fluff” and just needs help finding clarity and support on life challenges. DO IT. You won’t regret it.”

Dee (USA)

“Caroline at Start New Chapter.com is authentic, committed, and genuinely wants to make a difference in people’s lives. Unquestionably, her transformative coaching is extremely powerful. It gives greater understanding, allowing clients to make positive and new choices.”

Lee, Business Owner, Oxfordshire

“Caroline at Start New Chapter has an astonishing way of making me feel so comfortable in her sessions. I know I can trust her 100 per cent. She guides me to the root of my issues, and, together, we discover solutions that really work.”

Ottavia (Switzerland)