Feeling Lost and Stuck in Negativity? Let’s Find Clarity Together and Turn Positive Change into Reality


Start New Chapter Life Coaching knows how!

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    Caroline Green

    Welcome I am Caroline Green. With over 8 years of experience in psychotherapy, I bring a deep understanding to my life coaching practice. I help individuals and groups navigate major life changes, manage stress, career decisions and address mental health issues. By combining holistic techniques with powerful visualization, I strive to achieve real, transformative results.

    My mission is to guide you in finding your direction, building confidence, and discovering a sense of purpose. Whether you’re experiencing a career shift, personal challenge, or seeking deeper fulfillment, I’m here to offer personalized support and practical tools, guiding you step by step through your journey.

    Let’s work together to unlock your full potential and create meaningful change.

    Do YOU want to live with:

    All those negative thoughts that are stopping you from creating a life, career and relationships that you want and deserve?

    Together we will turn negative thoughts into positive and productive change into making change into a reality

    Having the emotional freedom to do what YOU really want?

    Finding YOUR voice with confidence with ease?

    Proud of who YOU are and who YOU are being?

    Taking life on with excitement, adventure and possibilities while seeing completely new perspectives with doors opening in all areas of YOUR life when being open?

    Have a belief of really starting over as the true person YOU truly are?

    Appreciate and acknowledge all YOU have accomplished and believe YOU are capable of living in the present and taking on life with vigour and passion?

    Discovering how YOU really want your life to look like and believing YOU can create this?

    Creating the space YOU need without any pressure

    Let me help you to uncover the potential inside YOU.

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    • Does every day seem the same?

    • You want a change, but are wrestling with anxiety and fear and simply don’t know where to start?

    • You are unfulfilled and confused?

    • Lacking motivation?

    • Feel lost?

    Life has been an extremely challenging time these past few years, with people facing so many changes and challenges in their lives:

    I can help. Why? Because I’ve been there

    HELLO! And a very warm welcome.

    I’m Caroline Green, proud owner of Start New Chapter – an established Life Coaching online business, working with clients worldwide to find clarity, make life decisions , find direction and dealing with stress in career and relationship situations to achieve what they’ve long yearned for, but never quite achieved, until now.

    “If you’re looking for a Life Coach to find clarity and positivity to move forward in life, I highly recommend Caroline at Start New Chapter.”

    Sonia (Australia)

    “Caroline at Start New Chapter has an astonishing way of making me feel so comfortable in her sessions. I know I can trust her 100 per cent. She guides me to the root of my issues, and, together, we discover solutions that really work.”

    Ottavia (Switzerland)

    “I highly recommend Caroline at Start New Chapter to anyone who doesn’t want “fluff” and just needs help finding clarity and support on life challenges. DO IT. You won’t regret it.”

    Dee (USA)

    “Caroline at Start New Chapter.com is authentic, committed, and genuinely wants to make a difference in people’s lives. Unquestionably, her transformative coaching is extremely powerful. It gives greater understanding, allowing clients to make positive and new choices.”

    Lee, Business Owner, Oxfordshire

    “Working with Caroline for the past couple of months has helped me regain control and make significant changes in my life.

    During our sessions we discussed practical steps I was able to take in both business and personal areas. I saw progress quickly. I felt completely comfortable discussing personal details with Caroline as she created a safe environment for me to be entirely open.

    My sessions were hugely beneficial, and I thank her for her time.”

    Laura (UK)

    “When I first reached out to Caroline at Start New Chapter, my life was in turmoil. I truly believe that I wouldn’t have got to this point of clarity without Caroline’s support and expertise. She has an uncanny ability to guide you to your inner wisdom where answers gently bob up to the surface!”

    Sharon (UK)

    Not sure where to find the answers?

    I’ll show you where to look!

    I truly believe that we all have the answers inside ourselves. I will work together with you to find them, by asking questions that will allow you to find a new perspective, new information that you didn’t know beforehand.

    Don’t stress; together we’ll dig those answers out. We’ll also have lots of fun in the process – a process that I think, like all my other delighted clients, you’ll thoroughly enjoy – a process that feels friendly, patient, supportive, non-judgemental and, crucially, like a shared experience.

    My clients have experienced phenomenal results

    Staying on the subject of questions… Does any of this resonate with you?

    “I’ve been feeling stuck, what seems for so long, but every time I try to take the step, something holds me back.”

    “The more I think, the more confused I become.”

    “Wanting to change my career, but finances stop me and I just carry on in the same rut.”

    “Being alone after years of married life is a new area for me. Where do I begin to find me again?”

    “Feeling lost, alone, no idea where I am going anymore. Want to get my passion back. Get back to living not existing.”

    “I want help to focus on what I actually want in my life without judgement, someone who is there to untangle my thoughts which get me going round and round and get me nowhere.”

    If you feel the same as any of these women, Start New Chapter can DEFINITELY HELP.

    To start the process as soon as possible and to determine if working with me would be right for you, either