Have you ever felt like you are running at breakneck speed but not getting anywhere? That no matter how productive and efficient you can be that there was still a sense of emptiness in all the commotion?  That you are busy making a living but not busy making a difference? If the answer is yes, you aren’t alone.

The way we are educated combined with our culture today doesn’t place much emphasis on developing and working towards your purpose. Even the term “purpose” can be confusing or frustrating for many people. What does it mean to find your purpose? How do you know what your purpose is? If you are unsure, how do you discover it and how do you know you are pursuing the right thing?

It’s tempting to believe that you will one day wake up, look in the mirror and know what your life purpose is. That picture-perfect moment where you are struck like a lightning bolt with a clear and defined sense of purpose. This may be the case for a small handful of people but the truth is, most of those that know and pursue their life’s purpose came to that understanding only after a lot of intentional and focused effort. This is where a personal life coach can be a catalyst to future growth.

The dictionary defines purpose as “the reason for which something is done or created for or for which something exists” or to “have as one’s intention or objective”. Everyone wants to be able to clearly define and communicate the reason for which you were created and for which you exist. For you to be able to do that, you need to be intentional in discovering your purpose.

The Importance of Finding Your Purpose

finding your purpose

Why is it important to find your purpose if you want to consider yourself among the more successful women in business? Can you still be successful if you didn’t discover your purpose and passion? Of course, you can!

Being successful doesn’t mean you understand your purpose. However, if you understand your purpose and pursue it daily, you guarantee your success. How is that possible?

  • Understanding your purpose and passion will change your definition of success. The majority of people have their definition of success defined for them by media and movies. The money, the cars, the trips and the shopping are all indications of success by mainstream standards. Knowing your purpose will shift your definition because you define success by how aligned your actions are with your purpose and how much progress you make towards that goal.


  • Understanding your purpose and passion will change where you put your efforts. By knowing your purpose in life, your actions will organize themselves in a way to create progress in those areas of your life. For women in business, this could mean success in their career, their relationships and at home. Successful women wear many hats and by knowing your purpose, you can know when and for how long to wear each hat.


  • Understanding your purpose and passion creates a sense of peace. This doesn’t mean there will not be tension. Oh no! There will be tension and struggles. What understanding your purpose does is help you see the bigger picture. By seeing clearly how your actions relate to your purpose, you are now playing the long game. Not every day will be perfect but that is OK because your purpose demands progress, not perfection.

Ways to Discover Your Life Purpose

So, where do you begin? How can you take what you know about yourself today and figure out what your passion and purpose is? These 11 tips will help you discover your purpose and begin you on your journey to walking in purpose every day.

  1. Take Responsibility: This means taking ownership of your life. No matter what has happened up to this point, your future is up to you. The results of your life are your responsibility.


  1. Use Your Story: Your story is unique to you. Your trials and tribulations will speak to certain people no one else can. Your overcoming becomes their hope. Be the light for others by shedding light on your story.
  1. Reconnect with Yourself: Knowing your purpose takes an understanding of who you are. It is difficult to know who you are if you haven’t taken the time to connect with yourself. Take some time to reflect on your life and your journey so far.
  1. Be Willing to Change: Knowing your purpose is the first step. The next step is to work towards it. You need to be willing to change and grow. Once you are willing, opportunities to grow will present themselves.
  1. Discover Your Passions: What is it that takes your breath away? What can you do for long periods of time and not feel drained? What brings a twinkle to your eye and puts an extra jump in your step? When does challenge feel good? These are all indications of your passions.
  1. Connect with Like-Minded People: Your purpose can seem elusive at times. Once you know your passions, find like-minded people. By building relationships with those that have similar passions, you can be inspired by their passions and purpose. Engaging in life coaching can help you connect with the right people.
  1. Put Your Thoughts to Paper: The act of writing out your purpose is powerful. Take the time to write out what you believe your purpose to be and it will crystalize what feels right and what feels a little off.
  1. Be Grateful for Your Blessings: Blessings may sound cliché but that is what everyone has. By taking the time to be aware and grateful for what you have, you open yourself up to inspiration about your purpose.
  1. Give to Others: Your treasure, your talent and your time are all resources you can give to others. Find a cause you deem worthy and give without any intention of gaining in return. You may be able to find your purpose this way.
  1. Read About and Listen to Those Who Are Pursuing Their Purpose: Set aside time to read and listen to those that are living their purpose. These could be successful women in business, philanthropists or the founder of an organization that is making a difference. As long as they are living and pursuing their purpose, you can learn from them.
  2. Find Your Inner Compass: Your purpose will help you navigate the tough decisions in your life but success at the expense of your values is meaningless. Understand what your core values are and make your decisions by using those values as your filter.

finding your purpose in life

finding your purpose and passion

Finding your purpose and passion isn’t always simple or easy… but nothing worthwhile ever is. The beauty of knowing your purpose is that your path becomes clear. Your actions and goals become a means to an end and not an end in themselves. To discover and act on your purpose, it is best if you have a guide that can help along the way.

Having a personal life coach and actively engaging in life coaching gives you an edge that is hard to find elsewhere. A soundboard for ideas and a helping hand when times are uncertain, a personal life coach is the game changer for many successful women and it can be for you too.

Reach out today to learn more about how you can build a relationship with a personal life coach and get started on the journey of a lifetime. The journey of fulfilling your purpose and passion.

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